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Where have I landed?

Earth. Or at least we presume this to be Earth. Truth is, nobody can say for certain. But Bob started calling it that one day, and everyone else just sort of followed along.

More specifically, you’ve landed on OverlookedOutlook,com, a site ambitiously dedicated to improving the human condition, whether for the individual or society at large. Because in case you haven’t noticed, this world of ours got problems. Just look at the popularity of Baby Shark and tell me how that makes any sense.

So why OO? Because I was sitting around in my pajamas one day, watching cartoons and eating Froot-Loops straight from the bag (as one does when they are all grown up), and I thought to myself, ‘There seems to be a shortage of pretentious blowhards out there telling people what they should think. So I should start a site to fill this shortage in available “hot air.” Because I know everything. The vices in my head assure me so.

Or perhaps more truthfully, I’ve learned enough to know how little I truly know. So stick around for a while, and we can explore how little we actually know together. You’ll learn about things like psychology (so you can learn to be a little less insane), sociology (so you can discover how bat-shit crazy everyone else around you is), culture (to help broaden the horizon of possibilities in that wet lump of play dough we humans call a brain), and life (so that maybe it can suck a little bit less).

Our philosophy

As the name implies, here at OO we seek to illuminate uncommon knowledge and explore a variety of different perspectives, challenging the ideas and assumptions that keep us trapped in a particular state of being. We pride ourselves on being a different kind of social advocacy site – a one that doesn’t shy away from tough questions; isn’t afraid of challenging the status quo or exploring politically incorrect answers; that seeks to better understand different perspectives; and whose moderators aren’t afraid to admit that they still sleep with a teddy while rocking Batman jimmies. (Wait a minute, did I write that out loud? Unsend! Unsend!)

Most of all, we seek to help people and solve problems in ways that recognize the common humanity in us all. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the way society started treating empathy and compassion as though they were dirty words, while celebrating hatred and persecution as though these were noble attributes. I happen to believe that no good can ever be done by indulging our dark side, and that our efforts are better spent trying to help and support people as opposed to condemning them. Because at the end of the day, everyone’s a victim, everyone’s a perpetrator, and despite all the bickering about our perceived differences, we’re all just fallible creatures doing our best to navigate this complicated world. We’ll all take turns being stupid in our own unique ways at different junctures in life, so let’s not be hypocrites about it. The world isn’t suffering from a shortage of persecution, it’s suffering from a shortage of kindness.

So if you’re ready to learn and grow as a person, join our little group of misfits, and let’s figure things out together.

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