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I’ve figured out the problem with society: people. Specifically, other people. So all we have to do is get rid of all the other people, and then all our problems will be solved. I’m pretty sure that in the entire history of mankind, such sentiment has never laid the groundwork for genocide.

Or, in a slightly less draconian measure, perhaps we could all learn to be better people, with a bit more love, compassion, and understanding toward our fellow humans.

A comedian whose name I cannot remember once remarked, “If aliens ever landed on this planet, they’d take one look around and then demand to see the manager.” It’s easy to blame our leaders for the problems that ail us, but the truth is society is built from the ground up, and WE ARE the problems that ail us. Besides, have you seen our leaders? If the plan is to wait for them to sort it all out, we’re surely doomed.

Thankfully, brilliant people such as myself (and gorgeously handsome, I might add), have been working to gain insight into all those social problems that ail us. So all you have to do is listen to everything I say, and get everyone around you to listen to everything I say, and all will be well. Simple.

In this area we’ll discuss some of the most pressing social issues affecting society, from racism, poverty and inequality to more everyday people problems. Hopefully it can make some small improvement to the world we live in. If not, it must be someone else’s fault.

H2: Social Problems & Society

For infinite wisdom and knowledge, or to become less of a pain in the ass to others, please select from the following topics:

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