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Once upon a time there was a lovely blue and green planet that was teeming with life as it raced around its star. One of those life forms was a rather peculiar creature that walked upright and was a tad bit smarter than all the rest, or so it initially seemed. For many millennia, this curious upright creature lived in harmony with nature. It respected the life of other creatures and gave homage to the natural environments it depended on for survival. It took what it needed but not more, and considered itself intimately woven into the earth upon whence it came.

But then this curious upright creature invented things like money and capitalism, and it began exploiting the environment for commercial gain. It devised machines that fed off fossil fuels and belched out toxic filth, and erected industries that polluted the environment. Like a wildfire this industrial machinery spread around the plane, consuming everything in its path.

The green steadily began to disappear, replaced by gray and brown. Entire forests were chopped down to make way for commercial pursuits, and concrete fields were erected in their place. Wildlife suffered, ushering in the greatest mass extinction since the die-off of the dinosaurs. Yet as natural ecosystems started to collapse, those in power kept pushing for more, until all of the world was dead.

The end.

Don’t like the way this story goes? Me neither. Fortunately, we needn’t accept this dreary draconian future as our fate…so long as we all start to make changes an do our part to write a different future.

Threats to the environment are perhaps the most pressing problem facing humanity today. The degradation of Earth’s ecosystems is occurring at an alarming rate, threatening our very survival as a species. Reversing this pattern will require more conscientious decisions and advocacy from all of us, and it starts with developing a greater awareness of the environmental problems that are developing all around us. So please, take the time to read the information herein, and help the world by sharing a link to this material among your friends.

Information on Earth & Environmental Issues

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