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The qualification for Marijuana addiction can be met without a user developed tolerance or suffering withdrawal. If you or a loved one has experienced 3 or more of the symptoms listed below within the past year, you or they qualify for a marijuana dependency and / or addiction:

How to tell if you are addicted to Marijuana:

A)    You find you need to use more of the drug over time in order to get the same affects from it.

B)    You feel anxious, irritable, have problems sleeping, or experience other unpleasant symptoms when you try to stop using marijuana or go for an extended period without it.

C)    You find yourself using the drug for longer periods or in larger amounts than you originally intended.

D)    Attempts to reduce or control marijuana use have not been successful.

E)    You devote a lot of time towards the drug, including time spent obtaining it, using it, or recovering from it’s affects.

F)    You forgo important activities in life such as work, recreation, or social events in order to use marijuana.

G)    You continue using the drug despite the fact that it is making a physical or psychological problem in your life worse.

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