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So how do you know if you’re depressed? This quick and easy depression survey & questionnaire will help you determine if you meet the criteria for depression. For each of the following statements, respond with either a yes or no on a separate piece of paper (or simply print this page) according to how well this statement applies to you.

___: Are you sad or devoid of emotion for almost all day, and on a mostly day-to-day basis?

___: Are you no longer interested in activities you once found enjoyable? (Going for walks, cuddling with the husband or kids, etc.)

___: Have you experienced a significant weight gain or loss (more than 5 or 10 pounds) in the previous month?

___: Are you suffering from insomnia or find yourself sleeping more than usual?

___: Do close friends or family members comment about how you seem restless, irritable, or just not yourself?

___: Do you feel much more tired than usual?

___: Are you experiencing significant feelings of guilt, hopelessness, or worthlessness on an almost daily basis?

___: Do you find it more difficult to concentrate at work or at home, or have problem recalling things, or find it suddenly difficult to make decisions?

___: Are you preoccupied with thoughts about suicide or death?

If you answered yes on 5 or more of these questions (including one of the first two), it’s likely you’re suffering from clinical depression and should take steps to address it, either by seeing or therapist or making adjustments to deal with your depression.

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