A simple survey you can take that will tell you where you fall on the depression spectrum.

CES-D Depression Test for Adults

The following survey is adapted from a depression test developed by Lenore Radloff at the Center for Epidemiological studies at the National Institutes of Health. *1 Called the CES-D, it covers all the basic symptoms of depression.

To complete the survey, read through each item, and then assess a number score for that statement, based on whether or not you felt this way within the past week:

0 – Rarely or none of the time (less than 1 day)
1 – Some or a little of the time (1-2 days)
2 – Occasionally or a moderate amount of the time (3-4 days)
3 – Most or all of the time (5-7 days).

1. ___    I was bothered by things that don’t usually bother me.

2. ___    I did not feel like eating; my appetite was poor.

3. ___    I felt that I could not shake off the blues even with help from my family and friends.

4. ___    I felt that I was not as good as other people.

5. ___    I had trouble keeping my mind on what I was doing.

6. ___    I felt depressed.

7. ___    I felt that everything I did was an effort.

8. ___    I felt hopeless about the future.

9. ___    I thought my life had been a failure.

10.___    I felt fearful.

11.___    My sleep was restless.

12.___    I was unhappy.

13.___    I talked less than usual.

14.___    I felt lonely.

15.___    People were unfriendly.

16.___    I did not enjoy life.

17.___    I had crying spells.

18.___    I felt sad.

19.___    I felt that people disliked me.

20.___    I could not get “going.”

________ Total score