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Not all stress is bad.  Stress that comes from being challenged or that which occurs within a supportive environment can actually be quite beneficial. To determine how much stress you have in the workplace and whether this stress is positive or negative, read through the statements
below.  Give yourself 2 points if you strongly agree, one point if you somewhat agree; and score negative 1 point if you somewhat disagree, and negative 2 if you strongly disagree.

Score    Question

_____    I have control over when and how I do my work.

_____    I receive support & encouragement from my boss & co-workers.

_____    I find my work lends meaning & purpose to my life.

_____    Stress can help me learn & grow.

_____    I often perform my best under stress.

_____    My job allows me to feel hopeful about the future.

_____    I find that stress can be healthy & invigorating.

_____    My superiors do not try to micromanage me or my work.

_____    I an treated fairly & without prejudice on the job.

_____    I feel like my impute & suggestions are taken seriously, even if others don’t always follow  my advice.

_____     My stress seems to go up and down, fluctuating to what is going on at the time.

_____    Total Score

Your responses can give you a score of anything from negative 22 to positive 22.  The higher the positive number, the greater degree of beneficial stress you have in the work environment.  Scores in the negative territory indicate a lot of negative stress from work.

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